Sunday, December 13, 2009

Another night at the precipice of something...

I'm thrashing in an ocean of incomplete ideas, discarded stories, evolving characters, and unfinished illustrations. And instead of working with the chaos, I hide here. Behind a computer screen. Where the hope of completing something, even something as insignificant as a blog post, seems possible.

Well, maybe...

Where was I going with this? Am I just complaining? Distracting myself? Using this frustration as an impetus to write?

I wonder if while slowly chipping away at the marble, Michelangelo ever wanted to smash David into powder. I wonder if Shel Silverstein ever considered quitting. I wonder what the Little Prince would do.

He's probably ask me to draw him a turnip, or some goddamned thing. Then I'd have to grab him by his little lapels and shout:

"Listen here, you little prince. I know you can just fly around all day and visit planets and smell flowers, but some of us have real work to do!"

"Is your job to be angry?" he'd ask. "You're very good at it."

Then I'd feel silly and set him down and say "No, little prince, my job is not to be angry. I make stories and draw them."

"Yes, but what is your job? You said you had work to do."

"That is my job."

"Oh, what an awful job!" he'd say. "I like to tell stories and draw sheep, but I hate jobs!"

"Yeah." I'd say.

"Want to see me draw a turnip?"

"Yeah." I'd say.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Real Men Pee Green

Multi-vitamins. Who needs em? Everyone, that's who!

So today I was searching for a multi-vitamin that would best suit my needs, and naturally, being the virile model of male masculinity I am, my attention was caught by GNC's Mega Men. Those who witness me downing horse-sized pills dispensed from a bottle which resembles a hand-grenade will have no doubt of my manliness!

The product had amazing reviews, with the only apparent drawback being "you'll have to use the bathroom frequently and your urine will be lime green." hmmm... I like my current urine color very much, thank you. (be sure to check out the review and scroll down to see the comments.)

Ultimately I went for the lavender-labeled TwinLab Daily One Caps. I just hope I don't grow boobs.