Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Leftovers

I started planning my Christmas cards nearly 3 weeks in advance, but a combination of procrastination and illness kept me from sending more than I did. If you didn't get one, I'm sorry. Perhaps one day you'll be surprised by a custom designed Labor Day card (which will feel good, because everyone's lonely on Labor Day). Here are some cards I did send.

This one was for my Aunt, who spoiled me rotten last time I visited her. I wanted to thank her for all the great stuff she got me, so I drew a picture of me using all her gifts at the same time! Yes, that's a juicer, new eye-glasses, an electric toothbrush, a warm fuzzy hat, and brazil nuts. She didn't buy me the anarchy t-shirt.

This next card was for my dad and doubled as a coupon. I wanted to make him feel like he'd won a Wonka-esque prize when really I promised him a website long ago. He's a musician, and this was my attempt to visualize how "plugged in" we are.

Lastly, this one was for my mom, whose Great Dane passed away this year. I always wanted to ride Jasper, and I thought baby Jesus probably would too. I hope baby Jesus has a sense of humor.

During this process I discovered how much I enjoy making art for people. Aimlessly doodling in my sketchbook is beneficial, but taking an idea from conception to completion, and then giving it as a gift... that's a real joy.

Edit 1/16/11 - Props to my girlfriend, Allison, for the baby Jesus riding Jasper thing. I love stealing her ideas and pretending they were mine.