Wednesday, June 16, 2010

On the Road, Day 1

I write this from a McDonald's, how exotic! (hey, YOU try finding a cafe, or anyplace with free internet in bumf*ck Texas!) Even worse, I just finished eating dinner here. Funny thing is I knew it would make me sick, but I did it anyway. Ugh.

Been driving all day, and I'm almost to outta Texas. A quick little jaunt through the panhandle of Oklahoma and I'll be in Colorado. A storm looks to be moving in from the west. Could hit rain. This photo taken minutes ago shows the scenic situation.

Rain sure would put a damper on things (sorry, couldn't help it :). I'm planning to sleep in the back of my truck which is protected by a camper shell. Unfortunately the truck bed is only 6 feet long, and I'm 6'3", so often I'll sleep with the tailgate down to accommodate my height. Not recommended if it's raining.

Today I got pulled over in Podunk, Texas for going 46 in a 35. If you know me you know I dislike authority and when confronted my first inclination is to rebel (or at least be rude), but luckily I've mastered these impulses and learned feign respect. Naturally, being where we were, the cop had a slow country drawl and macho swagger about him, but luckily since I'm white, relatively clean-cut, said "sir" and had all my papers in order, the cop let me off with a warning. Perhaps I'm stereotyping the officer, but as I drove away, I wondered if I would have been given the same leniency had I been black or hispanic.

Do you know that many gas stations don't offer water from the soda machines anymore? They make you buy the bottled stuff! Isn't that messed up!?

Ok, I'm rambling now. But consider how my only traveling companion is a dog and maybe you'll understand! The forced boredom does has its benefits though. Today I found myself daydreaming, visually journeying through a picture book I've been working on. It's fun. Kinda like working on a word & picture puzzle in your brain.

Til next time! (hopefully from a fancy french bakery!)

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