Monday, April 12, 2010

Updated Portfolio

I've added seven new images to my online portfolio, and not one of them took longer than five minutes to draw. Of course, if you asked me in person how long each of these took to draw, I'd give you the more cliche and pretentious answer: "five minutes and my whole life."

Unfortunately, it's also the most accurate answer. Behind each of these simple drawings are literally hundreds of amateurish drawings riddled with mistakes. And the mistakes don't start or end on the paper. It's taken a long time to discover my talent, and there have been many false starts and painful dead-ends along the way.

These drawings also reflect my beliefs and are a snapshot of my current perception of existence, which like everything else, constantly changes and evolves.

After viewing these new drawings you might ask, "What does a strange looking guy with three bodies, or a politically charged cityscape have to do with children's illustration?" Nothing, really. But these are the drawings which resonate with me, and the ones I've chosen to represent myself. The truth is, I draw what I draw, and I can hardly help it. If I end up doing anything for children, it will come out of the discovery process I'm in now. A natural progression. Refinement.

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  1. Well put! People always look at how fast artists are doing something, but forgetting about the years and years it took for them to get to that level. Time does not determine value.