Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cartoonist Attacked

Lars Vilks, creator of the infamous cartoons depicting Muhammad as a dog, was head-butted today as he gave a lecture about free speech at a University in Sweden. The full story is here.

After Lars was attacked, "Allah Ackbar" meaning God is Great was chanted from the largely approving crowd.

Pretty intense video, huh? It's strange seeing Muslims who've adopted the latest fashion trends, who embrace the medicine and technology for which science is responsible, who attend a university of knowledge and reason, who live in a country with a strong secular humanistic tradition, who enjoy the freedoms and protections western civilization has helped cultivate ... it's strange seeing them behave so irrationally based on such primitive beliefs. What an interesting time we live, a time in which we're able to watch the modern and ancient worlds colide... on YouTube.


  1. Later Lars Vilks home was broken into and set on fire.


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