Sunday, May 2, 2010


If you're looking for pizza-by-the-slice in downtown Austin, you're looking for a place called The Onion, which has recently MOVED from it's location on W. 5th, to a new place on Brazos, 1.5 blocks south of 6th street. They are the BEST pizza in Austin (except for maybe Homeslice, but Homeslice is more a sit down meal thing), and way better than any of that overpriced crap on 6th.

The Onion was forced to move from their old location because their landlord wouldn't renew the lease. Now they're kinda "off the beaten path" and business hasn't picked up yet. I'm sure it will once people re-discover them.

As a bonus, they always have copies of The Onion newspaper layin' around too.

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