Sunday, January 10, 2010

Stephen Huneck: A Dog's Life

Folk artist and children's book author, Stephen Huneck, recently passed away. A very talented woodworker, Stephen enjoyed using a woodblock printing technique to illustrate his books, which were always about his favorite subject: dogs! Just a little while ago, I wrote a mini-review of his book, Sally Goes to the Vet.

Here are a few prints of his which I found online:

Yes, Stephen Huneck REALLY loved dogs. Still don't believe me? What if I told you that he built a Dog Chapel? (See a picture of Stephen in his Dog Chapel and read more about his death here.) You can tell from his work that Stephen Huneck was a good and gentle man. Sadly, health issues, financial troubles, and depression caused him to take his life.

...and I was kinda hoping writing children's books would help make the demons go away...

At any rate, if you know any dog lovers out there, I encourage you to purchase a book or some artwork created by Stephen at Not only is his work excellent, but you'll feel good knowing that you're helping out Stephen's wife and family during this difficult time.

Edit 1/11/10: Here is a slideshow which highlights the outside of the dog chapel and some more interior views. Beautiful place. I love the sign outside:

All Creeds
All Breeds
No Dogmas

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