Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thanks to the Strangers

I recently purchased a book called "The Artist's Way" hoping it will help me in the never-ending battle against myself. I got the book used and later found an inscription inside the cover:

Sweet, right? But it makes me wonder who Steven and Kimberly are and how the book landed in a used bookstore. I haven't begun reading it yet, is it possible the book isn't very good and not worth keeping? Or perhaps this tome takes a more spiritual perspective than Steven felt comfortable with? The explanation could be as simple as a brake up, or as complex as an unexpected stint in the military following 9/11. There's no telling how this book came into my possession, but I wonder if Steven is still pursuing his art? Did he heed Kimberly's warning? If not, was her message meant for me?

1 comment:

  1. yes! we were steven and kimberly in our past lives and I gave you this book but you didn't pay attention to it and we both failed at life.

    p.s. "break up"